1-2-1 Coaching/Mentoring 

I am offering 1-2-1 Coaching/Mentoring. Do you want to move forward in your life? Are you ready to make changes? 

I am offering an intensive 6 week program which includes:

  • 90 minute, weekly private video conference coaching sessions over 6 weeks

  • Twice weekly email support 

  • Membership of our Facebook support group, full of resources, videos and support from like minded people on the same journey

  • An electronic journal for you to complete



I am a qualified Mentor and coach, however I am not a Psychologist. My knowledge comes from years of food addictions and cross addictions. I have gained my experiences from living this life we have chosen and overcoming my biggest hurdle....myself. I learn from over 1800 people in our support group that are going through the same issues. I'm all about having a holistic view on life and learned to heal myself. I am a big believer in coaches and I have a life coach. We all need support to carry on with our personal growth. I have limited availability as I will only coach 5 clients every 6 weeks. Please email me at dfletchercoaching@gmail.com for cost and date to get started.


Below are testimonials from amazing people I have coached.



Samantha Wilkes 

30, London - England 

Gastric bypass 12/7/16

Embarking on this new journey and chapter of life seemed like a totally new realm to me ... I had many questions and took to a few groups in a quest to ask as I was feeling nervous with my surgery date approaching the following day... that is when I met Deborah.

From the moment I asked a question - Deborah is like that set of warm arms we all need when we feel nervous and unsure of what's next.

I have had priceless support from the beginning- and it continues to this very day. 

I can always rely on Deborah for advice and knowing what to say when I am unsure of what's ahead with WLS & beyond .

Deborah never fails in her support throughout. She's coached me through my emotions ..my questions .. my unsure moments ... my good moments and bad. It's always reassuring to have someone to ask who's been through it and been successful for all these years. Deborah has given hope, support, encouragement, friendship, wisdom, shared all with a group of us to guide us.

For that I couldn't ask for a better guide through WLS than Deborah. An Absolutely amazing human being & treasure to the WLS community.




D.L. Florida. USA.

Are you resistant to your own reality and your own self-worth? And to becoming the person you are waiting to be? Are you trying to emerge from within? That was me. 


Deb is a highly intelligent, focused and empathetic person. She is fully engaged and has a kind heart and beautiful soul.  


She has a keen ability to connect with others. She listens to hear and not to respond.  


Deb is in touch with her own emotions, growth and healing, which make her highly qualified to guide and mentor others. 


Her 16 years of weight loss surgery experience includes healing herself and self discovery.  All this helps her to provide great mentoring and coaching.  Deb will guide you and help you look within yourself for healing. 


When I met Deb, I was a bit lost and lacked focus, she was able to convey trust and subsequently helped me to open up and trust her like I've never trusted anyone. She didn't tell me what to do, she assisted me by offering various methods to begin to heal myself. 


Deb has studied a multitude of psychologists authors, life coaches , teachers, religions, physicians, gurus and meditation specialists and all this has given her an all round knowledge. 


She is non judgmental and compassionate. Her vast array of knowledge and experience make her an excellent guide, mentor and coach.  


She offers a holistic approach to healing. 


Her book The Last Supper is a must read, the book will offer you an honest and open insight into who Deb is, she shares her pain, vulnerability and how she healed herself. 


Deb helps me to realise my strengths and positive qualities that I didn't even know. 


She is able to give different methods of coaching that will suit you. 


One of Debs finest qualities is her ability to connect with others on a deep spiritual level. She is extremely in touch with her inner self, making her a natural coach. 


My sense of well being has improved, I have become more focused and am forever changed because of Debs mentoring and guidance. 


If you are looking for someone who is engaged, committed and genuine, look no further.