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The Last Supper by Deborah Fletcher


My book is my life and soul on paper. I thought weight loss surgery would give me a life where I'd be accepted by society because I wasn't accepted as the morbidly obese girl. 
I thought I'd find love and peace and success through being Slim.
I underwent weight loss surgery with no therapy or psychological assessment in 2002. Weighing nearly 300lbs.
In eight months I lost 170lbs and went from invisible to centre Stage literally. I was a singer in a band and I went from the big girl in the band to the slim and very visible. 
The reality was I was the same messed up person on the inside complete with excess skin and health complications.
It took me 10 years to become my own therapist without support. I went through depression and contemplated ending my life many times. Full of overwhelming thoughts of self hatred and not being good enough. In the first 10 years after weight loss surgery, abusing food was no longer an option for me so I unknowingly started cross addictions, Binge drinking, excessive shopping, dysfunctional relationships, strong painkillers you name it I replaced food with these  other addictions. 
Then my life took a turn and I discovered the law of attraction and began to heal and I started to believe in myself. I challenged and overcame self limiting beliefs and achieved things that I had only dreamt of. 
I use meditation, positive thinking and self love to replace those old addictions. I am not perfect and neither is anyone else.  . 
I have beautiful children and grandchildren who are my blessings. 
Now I am a weight loss warrior, I help over 1800 weight loss surgery people by supporting them and sharing my truth and baring my soul every day, in return they love and support me right back. 


Here is my book and my Author friends amazing books. You can click to preview the books or buy them - These links are for Amazon UK, for another Country please look them up on your Amazon.

Love Yourself Back to Health by Lisa Sones-Peck


If you've ever left your GP's office crying tears of frustration, then this book is for you!

Crippling joint pain, crashing fatigue and mind-numbing brain fog were just three of my 30+ symptoms when I requested a full blood test at my Doctors appointment... it came back normal... NORMAL!!!
It couldn't be right - I knew I was ill and I was getting worse by the day. I demanded a printout, walked out and sat shaking in my car for the next five minutes when I saw eleven, yes ELEVEN asterisks warning that I was either over or under the expected range in those tests indicating that things were far from 'Normal'!
I drove home crying tears of frustration, got on my laptop and started the journey that has taken several years of research, trial and error self-treatments, books, supplements, gluten and dairy free diets and even illegal medication off the internet to get to the point where I can say I'm fixed!!!
I am now pain free, have good energy levels and have lost a significant amount of weight in the process :-)
This book is about my journey and I hope it inspires you to start yours.
Warning: this book contains humour, some swear words and definitely no medical advice as I am not a Doctor - nor would I wish to be... although somebody did once say I'd make a good Doctor's Receptionist!...I think they were trying to insult me! LOL

Tips to Create the life you Desire by Mark Stephen Pooler

Mark Stephen Pooler has the most remarkable story. He survived the type of hardship most of us only see in movies, from being bullied from a very young age, combating severe drug addiction and even cheating death. Now he is working towards helping as many people as possible to overcome adversity and bring out brilliance that shines in each and everyone one of us by passionately sharing his story.