My Book.

My book is now published, it is available from and A paperback version will be available at a later date.

It is currently available as an e-book for kindle. The book went into a number of kindle best seller lists in its first few days and has 5* reviews, see below. 

Thank you.


Reader Review:

“The Last Supper by Deborah Fletcher is a brilliant heart-felt account of one woman’s journey from 294 pounds down to a UK size 10 (losing 168 pounds in only 8 months!!!), using bariatric surgery, in which she not only lost weight but had to come to terms with losing the one thing that had become her comfort … food! What do you do when you have physically decided to not only cut out the part of your stomach that is enabling you to gain weight but also cut out your coping mechanism too? I was gripped from the first page where Deborah goes straight in to her story and her life unfolds with raw emotional honesty, leading us through her realisations, revelations, fears and triumphs – and it is a must read for anyone who has ever looked in the mirror and struggled internally with what was going on externally and vice versa, and affected both by their external relationships with others, as well as their relationship with themselves.... there were a lot of aha's and ‘omg that's me’ in her story, so very relatable and real – I couldn’t put this book down!”


Lisa Sones-Peck - Author