Facebook Support Group.

Since writing my book, I have started a Facebook support group called

The Emotional Side of Weight Loss Surgery Support Group.

We have grown rapidly in a very short time, which leads me to believe that there are thousands of us out there that need ongoing support after wls.


I am supported by an amazing Admin team of bariatric warriors. Click on the Join Us button below, to become a member.

Our members say:

Tammy K. Our FB group is like No other. It is truly a safe place to share your thoughts and feelings with other's who understand the weight loss surgery journey. I love this group of caring people.


Denise L. This group helps me realize I am not in this alone . Deborah and the administrators are very attentive. Nobody judges you here and everyone conveys kind support.

Jennifer M. I can't say enough about this group, I joined it thinking it would be just like any other group, full of people judging you on things you eat and being nasty rude food police, and Ohhh how wrong I was, We have such a amazing group of supportive people, so helpful and caring , we are all one big family all over the world, so much support , I am glad I found this group of awesomeness.